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We have the solution for you!

  • The precision you need:We use a variety of up to 6 different needle types to accurately simulate your real eyebrows.

  • Colour tailored to you: We create a color formula tailored to your brow color and skin tone - just for you!

  • 24/7 ... 365! Lie down, wake up (or go out all night!) with perfect brows for 1-2 years before a maintenance appointment is required.


Come to us because:

  • Expertise you can trust:  We have applied thousands of eyebrow tattoo applications to satisfied clients.

  • Guaranteed results. All of our procedured are applied by Soula Koutsogiannaki, a respected trainer for permanent makeup both within Greece and abroad. 

Microblading για τις πιο όμορφες φρύδια από το Studio Lashionista


Why Risk It?


We have immense experience in permanent makeup, and our artist (Soula) is an internationally awarded permanent makeup artist and instructor.... right next door to you, in Athens!



All microblading and semi-permanent tattoo applications are applied by our very own Soula Koutsogiannaki!

Studio Lashionista Microblading 8.png

Soula was one of the first artists in Greece to offer this method and is arguably the most successful, having pioneered a new way of microblading which is safe and doesn't leave scars. She has performed thousands of applications on all skin types and medical conditions/cases (scars, alopecia, cancer) as well as gender (on male and female skin types)… he has even published a microblading instruction book, which has been translated into 4 languages (English, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese).

Internationally Recognized


Soula is an internationally award-winning instructor who teaches her students with the “Dermacraft Microblading” teaching system ( She has spoken at international conferences on 4 continents! (South America: Las Vegas, USA, Vancouver, Canada, Latin America: Sao Paulo, Brazil, Europe: Milan, Italy and Madrid, Spain and Asia: Hanoi, Vietnam)!

Trainer of Trainers


Soula has taught her microblading method to over 300 students in over 10 countries worldwide. Indeed, she is a qualified “teacher of teachers” (trainer and assessor) and has taught 4 instructors currently teaching her Dermacraft system in the USA, UK, Colombia and South Africa.


  • Colours: Some microblading results in poor colour retention, and discoloration. The possibility of this is avoided as we use pigments from one of the world's premiere colour labs in Italy. They are gluten-free, vegan and are not tested on animals to produce results that do not discolour, spread or cause any adverse skin reactions.
  • Needles: All of our microblading needles are produced to the highest standards and are single-use and are disposed of after each application, to negate any risks of cross-contamination.
  • Consumables and cleaning materials: All items are disposable and all cleaning products are from medical suppliers, similar to those used in good dental clinics and hospital operating rooms.
Studio Lashionista KK colors .jpg

Did you know that the HIV virus can survive up to 6 days outside the body?


Did you know that Hepatitis C can survive outside the body for up to three weeks?


Aside from the cosmetic benefits of microblading and permanent makeup, it is important that the procedure is taken seriously as it is an invasive beauty procedure (i.e. a needle pierces your skin).  
  1. Single-use consumables: Whatever comes in contact with your skin or used during our process is single use and consumable.
  2. Sanitised surfaces: Each surface touched during the procedure is also covered by barrier film to remove risks of cross-contamination between appointments, although costly and time-consuming it is the responsibility of your artist to commit to securing public health.
  3. Pre-treatment medical consultation: A thorough medical history form should be provided to you prior to your treatment, as there are some complications arising from pre-existing health conditions which would make pursuing permanent makeup inadvisable for some, which should be assessed beforehand.
  4. Licensed premises: Ensure that the treatment is carried out in a premises that is licensed for permanent makeup or tattoo application, by the Ministry of Health. This information is publicly available, or alternatively you can ask to be provided by a certificate directly from the artist performing your procedure.


Do you already have an eyebrow tattoo you are not happy with? No problem!

We have extensive experience with a range of eyebrow corrective procedures, from the correction of minor asymmetries, to discolouration (e.g. purple or blue eyebrows) to complete eyebrow makeovers (picture right), which used a combination of tattoo removal, colour correction, asymmetry correction, reshaping and was rounded off with crisp hairstrokes to completely revitalise our client's eyebrows. 

Don't worry, provided you have a little patience nothing is beyond repair!
Studio Lashionista microblading Αθήνα τα

We can fix anything! A corrective procedure from a client who had dissatisfactory work performed by another artist. 


There is no such thing as a painless microblading or semi-permanent makeup procedure.. but we are close!
With the assistance of a medical anaesthetist, we have developed a strong, and safe anaesthetic formula to numb the sensation of pain, trust us... most "off the shelf" solutions pale in comparison, as they are full of preservatives, which actually limit the effectiveness and absorption of the solution.

Although everyone's pain threshold is different, it isn't unusual for us to have clients who are so at ease during the appointment that they have a nap during their procedure

In our 140 m2 store in the center of Athens you will feel right at home!



Please note that appointments with Soula are in high demand and there may be a waiting list. But… be patient, we are worth the wait!


7 Steps for beautiful Eyebrows!


Medical consultation before the procedure: you will complete a comprehensive medical history form to ensure both you and us, that you do not have any medical condition that would preclude you from undertaking an application. It is a mandatory and important part of the process and usually assures our customers that they are in the hands of experienced professionals and their health is not at risk.


Preliminary aesthetic consultation: You will discuss in detail with Soula the look and result you desire, and Soula will make the corresponding adjustments to achieve the result you desire. As eyebrow trends change from year to year, our goal is to give you a beautiful result that will be timeless, by highlighting the complimentary features of your face shape and natural eyebrows.


Shape approval: Based on your earlier conversation, we will will proceed to draw your eyebrows using the (Accubrow™)  method. This will be the outline that we will adhere to  once the application begins. This method  produces beautiful, scaled brows or lips that are symmetrically identical and creates a highly enhanced version of your own shape - using math. In our opinion, eyebrow symmetry is the most important aspect of the entire process,  as any small differences caused by miscalculation will bother you for years to come - so it is critical this step in the process is not rushed, overlooked or drawn freehand. 


Application of anaesthesic: Everyone's sensitivity to pain is a little different, and it can make the application both more painful for you, and more difficult for us as micro contractions of the facial muscles due to pain can contort the eyebrow shape. So we have a very effective method to avoid this... Using the combination of a special anaesthetic formula and micro-needling (in which a superficial gentle puncture is made with a needle in the application area to ensure maximum penetration of the anaesthetic), we strive to ensure that our treatments are as pain free as possible.


Application process:Your treatment begins! The microblading application itself is one of the least time-consuming parts of the application (usually around 45 minutes), it consists of three main steps, the first (the initial application of the design using the microblading needle and the pigment), the second (where we follow the lines of the first pass to ensure maximum color absorption using a special “colour boost injection” movement) and finally a “color mask”, where we cover your brow application with a thin layer of high density (80% Krema Kroma colour concentrate ), for 10-15 minutes to ensure optimal colour absorption and the long-lasting effect of hairstrokes endure.


Post-treatment instructions and tips: Protect your investment! Microblading aftercare is especially important. Ensuring that your results stay beautiful for years depends on two factors: The products used and the skill of the artist (50%) and the care of the customer (50%)! The comprehensive aftercare consultation and accompanying take-home booklet will provide you with all the information you need to ensure your application stays beautiful for longer.


The infill procedure (after 2 months): We offer an additional microblading session at cost price (cost of materials only) to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your microblading application and the results will have the maximum duration. We can then observe the treated results and enhance any hairs that have not absorbed the pigment properly, to ensure your brows are 100% beautiful. With microblading, you can't remove color… only add. So we usually apply a very natural effect on our first application and then we can apply a darker pigment if necessary (e.g. a more intense colour or a thicker brow shape) if desired on the 2nd application. This gives you the opportunity to “live with the eyebrow” for two months, see it every day and decide if you want to add something to it or not. We are pleased to note that almost everyone loves the initial result and very little rework is required. We take your satisfaction seriously and want to do everything possible to make sure you love our work for years to come! :-)



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