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We are lucky. We have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and beautiful (!) Artists in Greece. All our artists are fluent in English.

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Founder, Microblading and Permanent Makeup Specialist.

International permanent makeup instructor, who has performed thousands of applications for both genders and is an expert in clients who have pre-existing medical problems. 

You can be reassured you are in good hands, as she has additionally taught over 300 students in numerous countries in three continents in addition to being invited to share her techniques in international permanent makeup conferences.


Tattoo Removal Specialist

When clients approach us to do corrective work from other artists, it simply isn't possible without first removing some... that's where Ilias comes in. Ilias is both an instructor and technician in the field of tattoo removal and is considered one of the best in the field of tattoo removal in Greece, as his methodology leaves no scars!

Aside from his expertise, he is also known for his discretion and professionalism.

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